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Immense Popularity of French Food

The exquisite tastes and flavorful delights of French cuisine hold immense appeal amongst food lovers across the globe. Be it in the form of Charcuterie, Desserts, Herbs, Wine or Cheese, each and every culinary zone of France holds unending appeal for a connoisseur. The people of France are extremely passionate about their cooking, which is clearly reflected in the carefully chosen ingredients, meticulous cooking techniques and subtle, yet highly delightful tastes. Owing to all these factors, French food is one of the most popular choices of people who like to dine outside, as well as order food online. Nowadays, more and more people decide to order food online. If you too like French food, you may wonder how to order French food on the internet.

Saveur du Jour: An Assortment of French Delights

Saveur du Jour is an online store that sells French Products, including French Food online. Customers in the UK, the US and all over the world can order French food products on wherever they are. With the objective of delivering the taste of Paris to people at their very homes, Saveur du Jour has plenty to offer, not only in terms of gourmet food, but a whole lot of other products as well, ranging from French souvenirs, home accessories, gifts, chocolates and much more. A lot of emphasis has been laid on providing customers with highly authentic gourmet delights, authentic regional items and chic Parisian products.

Delicious Macarons delivered at your doorstep!

If you like French macarons, you can even order macarons on the Saveur du jour website. They are made fresh by French chefs as soon as your order. There are a large number of yummy macaron flavours that you can take your pick from, which include French Classic Macarons, Chocolate Macarons, Fruit Macarons and American Favorites. Apart from macarons, madeleines are also available, and they can be ordered online. These come in plain as well as flavors like Chocolate, Hazelnut and Pistachio. There are options to purchase gift boxes as well, which have a combination of different types of macarons and madeleines.

Advantages of ordering French food online

Of course, you can enjoy French food in a French restaurant such as the French gourmet, but you will have more choice and spend less if you order online. There are a wide number of French gourmet food and French food specialties that are available on the website of saveur du jour. These include a very tempting range of chocolates and sweets like caramel, candy and cookies, French classics like Dijon mustard, Jam, Caramel Carambars, Carte Noir Coffee, Chestnut Spread, French Salami, Nougat Bars, Nutella Spread and Olive Spread, Gourmet Honeys like Gourmet Honey Candy, Chestnut Honey, Honey Lavender, Honey Rosemary, Orange Blossom Honey, Thyme Honey, Acacia Honey, Food by the case like Country Pate, Duck Rillettes, French Cornichons, Fruit Sauce, Green Olive Spread and last but not the least, Charcuterie products like dried chorizo, duck legs confit, duck mousse, spicy lamb sausage, truffle mousse and chipolata sausage. All of these are priced extremely reasonably, so that you do not have to worry about spending too much while enjoying the varied delights of French cuisine.

French Wine and Cheese

The Wine Regions of France, namely Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace-Lorraine, Champagne and so on are renowned for their finest quality of wines all over the world. Nowhere else in the world can one find such high quality vineyards and wine. Similarly, as far as cheese is concerned, the sheer variety of cheese found in the country is highly remarkable.

Refreshing In-Sights on French Food and French Cuisine

The exclusive ingredients and sumptuous delicacies of French cuisines have won die-hard admirers of the cuisine across political boundaries. The love and passion that is characteristic to French culture is also infused into their food, which is why they are able to dish out such culinary delights. The most common French foods that are known to one and all include crepes, which rich and flat pancakes stuffed with cream and fruits, baguette which is the characteristic French bread, éclair which is a delicious pastry stuffed with cream and topped with icing and crème brulee which is a very popular dessert that comprises of a custard topped with hard caramel. France has a number of distinct culinary regions, which are famous for their respective cooking styles and ingredients. These include Paris, Champagne, Loire Valley and Central France, Burgundy, Limousine, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Aveyron, Roussillon, Languedoc and Corsica. Click here to get more information about French food and French cuisine.




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