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Going out with friends and family is definitely incomplete without good food. London has lots and lots of options when it comes to dining out and you must have tried many of them. But yet, there are many which you must have not explored till date. Let us help you in finding new places to visit for dining out!

Who we are?

We, at Edible London, are a London based company which offers tons of information and advices for those who are looking for details of places to dine out in London. Whether you are seeking a place for breakfast or planning to go out for dinner with family or your date, we have something for everyone. Restaurants from all across London are listed on our website and each and every detail of each restaurant is available at the click of a button!

What do we do?

We collect information about various eating joints, cafes and restaurants from across London. All information of each and every hangout and dine out place is published on our website. Restaurants ranging from luxury, big ones to small and budgets ones are there to be checked out under the same roof.

We help you in making a decision when it comes to choosing a place for dining out and ensure that you have the best of moments when you step out of your home in search of delicious food.

Why Edible London?

Hundreds of people from all across London regularly log on to Edible London in search of a nice place to spend their time at. There are many reasons why people choose us when it comes to finding a restaurant near them. Some of them include:

•Listing of restaurants and cafes from across London

•Reliable and accurate data with concern to each place

•Filter Search option which makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for quickly

•Simple and easy to use 

How to use our site?

Using Edible London is very easy. Our website is designed is such a way that it becomes very simple when it comes to usage so that even a novice surfs through with ease. Restaurants are categorized according to their location, cuisine, approximate cost for two people and type of food. You can simply go through the categories and select what you are looking for.

Each listing has got ample information about the place and includes vital information like – menu with prices; photos of the place and other important information like availability of dine in, home delivery etc. The search options makes it even simpler where you can search for any keywords like – name of a delicacy you are looking for, name of a place in London where you are seeking a restaurant etc. And the search results will give you the desired results as per your query.

Let’s get started! Log on to Edible London today and find the best restaurants around you so that you can enjoy a great meal with the ones that you love.



Read what some of our satisfied customers have said about our services!

Carolyn M. Rizo

The websites listed on Edible London are simply amazing. I recently moved to London and had difficulties finding the best places to eat at. This website really helped me. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to find the best restaurants in London.

Robert L. Ceaser

The numerous options for dining out in London make choosing difficult. This website always offers good information and helps a lot in pre determining a place before going out. I like the fact that it is easy to use.

Daniel J. Paredes

Whenever it’s about dining out, I use Edible London to look around for restaurants. I always find places within my budget. I have introduced the website to many of my friends and they absolutely love it. We are all using this website to plan our breakfast, lunch and dinner.